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Between now and RootsTech 2012, the Weekly Buzz will highlight the "50 Most Popular Genealogy Websites for 2011" by Kory Meyerlink, item by item, from the bottom up. We begin this week with, Item 50 on the list. is a free website, meaning, there is no fee for use. As stated on the site, " consists of 4,500 pages of more than 50,000 Free Genealogy Links; for US, UK, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Europe, Canada, Australia & New Zealand." And while the site is free to use and may contain 50,000 free links, that does not mean that everything it links to is free -- a good many of the links connect to fee-based sites. That said, a site containing that many links is bound to be useful, especially if it's easy to navigate. The U.S. link, for example, leads to a page with links for every state, and links to every county within in state. You can also search by the type of resource such as cemetery lists, obituaries, marr! iage records, etc. The site offers a convenient way to browse available records, although the greatest value may be in surfacing previously unexplored resources.