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Pitt Family Genealogy‎‎

5 April 2020 - 3:34:46pm

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AMBERGAU, Ekbert "One-Eyed" Count Von Ekbert "One-Eyed" Count Von5 April 9941026Death 
ARAGÓN, Pedro Prince Of Pedro Prince Of5 April 1181839Death 
Atkinson, William Coote William Coote5 April 1789231Christening 
Baird, John Alexander Unmarried 1959 John Alexander Unmarried 19595 April 196258Death 
BLEVINS, Seaton Alexander Seaton Alexander5 April 1897123Death 
CASTILE, Sancho Prince Of Sancho Prince Of5 April 1181839Birth 
Eder, Anna Anna5 April 1702318Christening 
Fox, Elizabeth J. Elizabeth J.5 April 1899121Burial 
Greiss, Katie Katie5 April 195268Burial 
HAINAULT, Isabelle De QUEEN OF FRANCE Isabelle De QUEEN OF FRANCE5 April 1170850Birth 
Hauck, Catharine ‎(Katherina)‎ Anna Catharine (Katherina) Anna5 April 1881139Burial 
Hershey, Catherine Catherine5 April 1852168Birth 
Jones, Thomas English Thomas English5 April 1811209Birth 
Knight, Joseph
Welden, Abba
Joseph5 April 1852168Marriage 
Krautlein, Margaretha Margaretha5 April 1742278Birth 
Peck, Hezekiah Hezekiah5 April 1696324Christening 
Richmond, Thomas
Burrows, Sarah Ann
Thomas5 April 1825195Marriage 

Total events: 17
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