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Pitt Family Genealogy‎‎

16 September 2021 - 11:54:11pm

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Bassett, Susie Marie Susie Marie16 September 197249Burial 
BOHUN, William de EARL OF NORTHAMPTON, TWIN William de EARL OF NORTHAMPTON16 September 1360661Death 
Botting, Ann Ann16 September 1804217Christening 
Burney, Mary Mary16 September 1757264Christening 
CLARE, Elizabeth de BARONESS VERDUN & DAMORY Elizabeth de BARONESS VERDUN & DAMORY16 September 1295726Birth 
Funk, John John16 September 1824197Death 
Funk, Joshua Joshua16 September 1827194Birth 
Hershey, George George16 September 195764Death 
Hershey, Phoebe Alice Phoebe Alice16 September 1861160Birth 
Hufnagel, Maria Maria16 September 1687334Death 
PSOVA, Lidmila ze Lidmila ze16 September 9211100Death 
Rodgers, Nancy Nancy16 September 1834187Birth 
Rogers or Rodgers, Evan Evan16 September 1773248Birth 
Ruby, Eldon Eldon16 September 195764Death 
Sheely, George W. George W.16 September 1862159Birth 
Walker, Ariel Francis Ariel Francisabout 16 September 194675Death 
Zeller, Barbara Barbara16 September 1741280Death 

Total events: 17
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