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Pitt Family Genealogy‎‎

2 July 2022 - 4:15:58am

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BEAL, Susanna Susanna2 July 1729293Death 
BEAL, Susanna Susanna2 July 1729293Birth 
Burrows, Mary Mary2 July 1689333Burial 
Burrows, Robert Robert2 July 1737285Burial 
CUISEAUX, Mathilde De COUNTESS OF GENEVA Mathilde De COUNTESS OF GENEVAbefore 2 July 1137885Death 
De Mill, Isaac
‎(unknown)‎, Delana
Isaac2 July 1819203Marriage 
Ellsworth, Albert Roland Albert Roland2 July 200220LDS Confirmation 
GERMANS, Heinrich I "The Fowler" King Of The DUKE OF SAXONY Heinrich I "The Fowler" King Of The DUKE OF SAXONY2 July 9361086Death 
GOUSHILL, Robert Robertfrom 2 July 1403 to 21 July 1404619Death 
Harmon, Alpheus Amulek Alpheus Amulek2 July 1798224Birth 
Hauck or Hauch, Maria Elizabetha Maria Elizabetha2 July 1689333Birth 
Hauck or Hauch, Maria Elizabetha Maria Elizabetha2 July 1689333Christening 
Kester, Sarah Sarah2 July 1785237Birth 
Knight, Nahum ‎(Nathan)‎ Nahum (Nathan)2 July 1796226Birth 
Krautlein, Elizabetha Elizabetha2 July 1766256Birth 
Nelson, John Edward John Edward2 July 1862160Birth 
Nelson, Richard Richard2 July 1815207Birth 
Schmidt, Barbara Barbara2 July 1736286Burial 
Wood, Mary Mary2 July 1698324Birth 
Zeller, Johann Albrecht Johann Albrecht2 July 1812210Death 

Total events: 20
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