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Pitt Family Genealogy‎‎

19 June 2019 - 1:11:09pm

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Baierlein, Margaretha Barbara Margaretha Barbara19 June 1845174Burial 
BARCELONA, Raimund Berenger III ‎(IV)‎ Marquis Of COUNT OF PROVENCE Raimund Berenger III (IV) Marquis Of COUNT OF PROVENCE19 June 1131888Death 
BEAL, Hope Hope19 June 1662357Burial 
BEAL, John John19 June 1763256Christening 
Beuerlein, Hans
Eckhardt, Anna
Hans19 June 1660359Marriage 
Beuerlein, Hans
‎(unknown)‎, ‎(unknown)‎
Hans19 June 1660359Marriage 
Burrows, Robert Robert19 June 1751268Burial 
Harmon, Henry Martin Henry Martin19 June 1832187Birth 
Loehr, Floyd Walcott Sr. Floyd Walcott Sr.19 June 192198Birth 
Neukirch, Johann Heinrich Johann Heinrich19 June 1708311Birth 
Neumeister, Johann Erhard
Mueller, Anna Catharina
Johann Erhard19 June 1731288Marriage 
Peck, Rachel Rachel19 June 1698321Christening 
Rabenstine, Harvey Harvey19 June 196059Death 
SCOTLAND, Alexander II King Of
Alexander II King Of19 June 1221798Marriage 
VIENNOIS, Eudes Count Of Eudes Count Ofafter 19 June 9461073Death 
Walker, Michelle Michelle19 June 198336Birth 

Total events: 16
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