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Pitt Family Genealogy‎‎

25 September 2020 - 2:41:56am

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AQUITAINE, Guillaume VIII ‎(Guy Geoffroy)‎, Duke Of Guillaume VIII (Guy Geoffroy)25 September 1086934Death 
Bassett, Roena Roena25 September 1885135Death 
Eder, Christina Christina25 September 1708312Christening 
Holder, Essie Esrher Isabella Essie Esrher Isabella25 September 1899121Birth 
Krautlein, Leonhardt
Ruedel, Eva Catharina
Leonhardt25 September 1764256Marriage 
Krautlein, Leonhardt
‎(unknown)‎, ‎(unknown)‎
Leonhardt25 September 1764256Marriage 
Loehr, Floyd Walcott Sr. Floyd Walcott Sr.25 September 197347Death 
Minter, Amos Amos25 September 1844176Christening 
Neumeister, Catharina Barbara Catharina Barbara25 September 1695325Birth 
Peck, Hezekiah
Carder, Elizabeth
Hezekiah25 September 1727293Marriage 
Rabenstein, John Elias John Elias25 September 1896124Death 
Rodgers, Catherine Ann Catherine Ann25 September 1857163Birth 
Sheely or Sheeley, Mary Ann Mary Ann25 September 1904116Death 
Whistance, Margaret Margaret25 September 1904116Death 
Zeller, Johann Georg Johann Georg25 September 1803217Birth 
Zeller, Johann Georg Johann Georg25 September 1803217Christening 

Total events: 16
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