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Pitt Family Genealogy‎‎

5 December 2021 - 6:10:14pm

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BARCELONA, Raimund Berenger II ‎(III)‎ Count Of Raimund Berenger II (III) Count Of5 December 1082939Death 
Bird, Samuel Samuel5 December 1723298Christening 
Case, Separate Separate5 December 200021 
Chisholm, William Obediah William Obediah5 December 1877144Birth 
ENGLAND, Ealhswith Queen Of Ealhswith Queen Of5 December 9051116Death 
FLANDRE ET HAINAUT, Jeanne De Jeanne De5 December 1244777Death 
Hershey, Abraham Abraham5 December 193388Death 
Lane, William William5 December 1728293Burial 
Pritchett, Isaac
Rogers or Rodgers, Matilda
Isaac5 December 1815206Marriage 
Rabenstein, Elias Schwartz "Lee" Elias Schwartz "Lee"5 December 1869152Christening 
Rueckhardt, Margaretha Margaretha5 December 1654367Birth 
STANLEY, George George5 December 1503518Death 
TALVAS, Mabel Countess of Shrewsbury Mabel Countess of Shrewsbury5 December 1082939Burial 

Total events: 13

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