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Use the Family DataBase tab above to Browse, Edit and Search the Pitt Family Tree. The work begins with my daughter Aisling who is the youngest of my children and includes my wife's family, as well.

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You may find that some individuals have many names other than that which is on their birth cerificates, nick names, military records, census records, land records, marrage licenses-certificates, bible entries, social security records and others are subject to people that could not spell, had sloppy hand writing. some documents are hard to read because of document decay, and other reasons. In some cases people have changed their names to be able to get into the service. Example: One of the Kreis or Greiss (German) family lines was changed to Grice, to Americanize the name, so they could fight against the Germans in WWI etc.. If you know of these kinds of changes please let me know so I can document them for future family history buffs.